Sarwat's story

‘Being a social worker is a strong part of my identity. I take great pride in my role to support the learning and development of others. It helps us to ensure that social work quality standards, not only at Bucks Council but across our social work profession, remain exceptional.’

I work as a practice lead in the Quality Standards & Performance team. My role is to provide quality assurance on social work practice, digital systems, and workforce development. We gather residents’ feedback and co-design services with them, putting our residents at the centre of what we do. We regularly meet with our staff to see what they need to do their jobs effectively. We advise our senior leadership team to draw an action plan for continuous practice improvement through regular audits. Keeping the focus on delivering a high-quality service helps to ensure that all employees are complying with their statutory duties, and we are working to promote the rights of our residents.

I work with people who are supportive, respectful, kind, and passionate about what they do. It is a large team and the work we do is quite fast-paced and impactful. What I like about my team is that we are innovative, adaptable to the changing organisational needs, and committed to making a difference to our residents’ experience at Buckinghamshire Council. We have a strong leadership team providing us with many opportunities to learn from each other and to celebrate success together.

I am very proud to be part of Buckinghamshire Council. I look forward to coming to work every day knowing that there is something new, something different, and something exciting waiting for me.

The council is an organisation with a supportive learning culture. People feel safe to say what they think and soon they grow in confidence knowing what they say will be valued. Here at Bucks, learning sits at the heart of everything we do. We truly live up to our values. We are Proud, we are Ambitious, we are Collaborative, we are Trustworthy, we are Buckinghamshire Council. If you feel that you can live up to these values, then don’t wait - come and join us!