Sam's story

“I play a part in making the outdoors accessible to the public, helping to create a safe, educational, and diverse environments for them to explore.”

“I’ve been a in the Country Parks team since 2019, starting as a Ranger I am now a Lead Ranger within the Visitor Services Team, working across four parks – Black Park, Langley Park, Denham Country Park, and Thorney Park. I started my conservation career studying Environment Science, and following my studies, I completed an internship with the RSPB where I learnt learned how to apply land and tree management skills out on site. The skills and knowledge I gained enabled me to become a conservation contractor, and all these roles have been a steppingstone to where I am today as a Lead Ranger.

I manage, maintain, and repair the facilities and infrastructure, as well as planning the work of the Visitor Services Ranger Team to ensure the high health and safety standards across the parks. I positively engage with the public who explore our spaces, leading corporate groups who want to support the practical land management of the parks as well as supporting our events delivery to schools and the public. This work helps people to understand and engage with our management of the parks and improve their knowledge of the outdoors!

In my role, I deliver high-quality visitor services across all our Country Parks. The environment is increasingly becoming more important to people, and I take great pride in interacting with the public and educating them when they visit, to make a memorable and positive experience.”