Rowena's story

“I really enjoy working collaboratively with like-minded people who strive to be better for the most vulnerable people in Buckinghamshire.’

As a Commissioning Manager in the Integrated Commissioning Team for Housing and Equipment, My most recent project involves the re-establishment of the Homelessness Support Service, which supports the council's legal obligation to provide temporary housing to the homeless. The Homelessness Support Service helps individuals access mental health and drug/substance misuse teams, register with a GP, receive the appropriate benefits, and develop financial management skills. This prepares individuals for long-term tenancies in general housing and helps prevent future homelessness.

Additionally, I worked on transforming community opportunities in Buckinghamshire by reviewing our internal services and those provided by the voluntary and charitable sectors. We identified gaps in provision and work to improve them in collaboration with other local authorities and our integrated commissioning board partners in West Berks and Oxon. In Buckinghamshire, many vulnerable individuals struggle to access the help and support they need. It is crucial to gather data and evidence to identify gaps in provision and determine the best ways to support these individuals. Co-production and active engagement are essential to ensure that we provide the right services at the right time, while also ensuring value for money.

In my team, everyone is supportive and willing to help, especially when someone is new to the job. I enjoy being part of a team where we work hard but also have fun, too.