Khawar's story

“You feel rewarded for the work you do and can see the difference you are making in local communities. Buckinghamshire Council is an organisation that cares about its employees and empowers you to be the best version of yourself.”

“Ever since I started in local government, I have always been empowered by my colleagues to ‘best the best you’, because the council invests in young people. Joining at such a young age, I have been able to see what opportunities are available to people who are invested in making local government an attractive place to work. I have always been able to take on learning and development opportunities and am about to embark on the second year of my Masters degree, which would not have been possible without the council’s support.

What many people don’t know is that planning is part of everything we do; the places we live, where we shop, where we go out to eat, and how we travel around. Being able to shape the places we live in is incredibly important, no matter how big or small your contribution is. As part of the planning team, we have a direct responsibility to improve the standard and quality of living for the people of Buckinghamshire.”