Hayley's story

“The outstanding quality of Buckinghamshire Children’s services is a result of our commitment to doing what is best for vulnerable children and their families.”

“As a manager in Buckinghamshire Council Children’s Services, I have been able to open a new residential children’s home and recruit a full team of staff, who together look after some of the most vulnerable children and young people in society. This is a job I take particular pride in as the work we do with these children will support them in becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.

I am supported by our senior leadership and, more importantly, by the staff team at the residential home. Residential support work can be really challenging at times and having a great team to support you to be your best is crucial. Residential support work is also one of the most rewarding jobs I believe you can have, the team shares the ups and the downs, the wins, and the losses.”